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June 2018 Minutes

Tidewater Pest Control June 27th 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Schooners Grill, Newport News, Va. 


Meeting called to order: 6:11 PM

Prayer by: Marcus with Target 

PLedge By: Shannon Harlow with National 

Introductions: Leo with Reliance

Motion to accept May 2018 Minutes:  1st: Don with Lengars  2nd: Leo with Reliance

Motion to accept May 2018 Treasurers Report:  1st: Don with Lenegars  2nd: Leo with reliance

New buisness:

VPMA is looking for a location currently to host a Master technician series on rodents to take place between 8-10PM at night to look for rodent activity over the span of multiple blocks.

VPMA is seeking stewardship award nominees

Upcoming speaker: A representative from Aprilaire will be in to speak on dehumidifiers and products


A representative from Ramjack was supposed to be our speaker howeber a last minute schedule conflict prevented him from appearing. In true TPCA fashion however, the night went on. Daniel with Mares led a discussion on multiple topics ranging from problem accounts to the litigeous dangers of damage warranty termite contracts. The evening turned more into a round table styles discussion.

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Target 

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal shield 

Scott Tolbert with Ensystex

Door Prizes:

John with Accell won a mug from Marcus with Target 


John with accell won $17.50 ($17.50 to the charity account)

Motion to adjourn:  1st: Marcus with Target   2nd: Leo with Reliance

Meeting Adjourned: 7:36 PM

May 23rd 2018 Minutes

May 23rd 2018 Monthly meeting minutes

Pirates Cove Restaraunt 109 Gainsborough Square Chesapeake, Va. 23320


Meeting called to Order: 6:20 PM

Prayer By: Daniel Carr with Mares 

Pledge By: Tony Wallace with Pestguard

Introductions By: George Wright with 1st Choice

Motion to accept April 2018 Minutes:    1st: Tony with PestGuard   2nd: Sari with Getem 

Motion to accept treasurers report:  1st: Walter O' shea with O'sheas   2nd: Daniel with Mares

Old Buisness: Several member company respresentatives went back to bacons castle to check up on all the bait stations. No activity was found in any of the bait stations and not new activity was found in the areas that were treated.

Upcoming Speakers: Kenny Lee with Ramjack foundation solutions

Speaker: Stephanie Adams with SOS Credit Solutions

Stpahnie gave a great talk on how credit works both for individuals as well as companies. She also gave insight on what negatively affects your credit and some of the loopholes in repairing those potential issues. 

Vendors Present:

Jason Leonard with Forshaw

Elizabeth hopkins with Legal Shield 

Motion to Adjourn:  1st: Walter with O'sheas     2nd: Sari with Getem 

Meeting Adjourned: 7:15 PM

April 2018 Minutes

April 25th 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Pirates Cove Resaurant 109 Gainsborough Square Chesapeake, Va. 23320

Meeting called to order: 6:19 PM

Prayer By: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge By: Tony Wallace with Pestguard

Introductions: George Wright with First Choice

Motion to accept March minutes:    1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Bob with Protechs

Motion to accept Treasurers report:  1st- John with Accell   2nd-Wayne with Reliance

Old Buisness:

Our summer picnic was announced and will take place June 30th at Harbour Park for a tides a baseball game.

The folks handling Bacons Castle have been in contact with Jack from terminex and Walter from O'sheas in regards to scheduling a follow up inspection from our previous treatment.

Upcoming Speakers: Stephanie Adams with SOS credit solutions

Speaker: John Singletary with Univar spoke on mosuito biology and control methods and the coorealting productas that are avaialable on the market currently.

Vendors Present:

Marcus with Residex

John with Univar

Elizabeth hopkins with Legal Shield 

Jason with Forshaw

Door Prizes:

John with accell won one guard from residex

Wayne with reliance won a bottle of crossfire from Forshaw

Buzz with maximum one a bottle of crossfire from Forshaw

50/50: Walter from O'sheas won $40 and the other $40 went to the charity account.

Motion to Adjourn:  1st- George with First Choice   2nd- Don with Lenegars

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20

October 18th 2017 Minutes

October 18th, 2017 monthly meeting minutes

Pirates Cove Restaurant 

109 Gainsborough Square Cheasapeake, Va. 23320

Meeting called to order: 6:18 PM

Prayer by: William with Colonial 

Pledge By: George with First Choice 

Introductions By: Bob with Protechs 

Motion to accept September minutes:    1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Walter with O'sheas

Motion to accept September treasurers report:  1st- Daniel with Mares    2nd- Bob with Protechs

New buisness:

Kevin Gaydosh from the American Red Cross was present to accept a check from the TPCA for the Hurricane relief effort.

The TPCA will be inspecting a historic Bacons Castle structure on November 1st to determine what if any type of termite treatment can be done on the structure. 


Brian Hensel with Bell Labs gave a timely presentation on rodents. The conversation was on rat control both commercially and residentially as well as mouse control for both. New baits and new formulations were discussed as well as some potential new methods of treating non chemically. 

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Target 

Devin McGuire with Forshaw

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield 

John Singletary with Univar

Dick Olenych with Spectrum Printing

Brain Hensel with Bell Labs 

Robbie Wagner with Beskin & assoc.

Door Prizes:

Bluetooth speakers from Univar- Tony Wallace with Pestguard

Zenprox from Forshaw- Don with lenegars

Passions Gift card from TPCA- Jimmy with Getem 

Fastrack from Bell- Little Keske with Weston 

50/50: 55 dollars- Daniel with Mares

Motion to Adjourn:    1st- Daniel with Mares     2nd- John with Univar

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 PM 

September 20th 2017 Minutes

September 20th 2017 Monthly meeting minutes

Schooners Grill

12567 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA 23606

Meeting called to order: 6:18 PM

Prayer by: Ken Teachey with Pest Guard

Pledge by: Bob Herget with ProTechs

Introductions by: Leo with Reliance

Motion to accept August 2017 meeting minutes:  1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Jack with Terminex

New buisness: Jack horsley with terminex brought to our attention a historical site in need of an inspection and potential termite treatment that we are looking into doing for charity.

The aberdeen barn that we normally meet at went up again on our per person dinner prices therefore we are trying a new venue on the southside next month. Details to be emailed but we are open to suggestions for new meeting venues on the southside. 

Our October meeting will be held on Wednesday the 18th (a week earlier than normal) as to not conflict with Pestworld 2017.

Our November meeting will be helod on Wednesday the 15th (a week earlier than normal) as to not conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday.


Marcus Johnson with Target Specialty Products (Residex) gave a great presentation on fleas and ticks. Some of the biological difficulties in treating and dealing with these insects, chemical and non chemical options and some of the adverse health issues that come along with these parasitic insects. 

Upcoming Speaker: Brian Hensel with Bell Labs on rodents

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Target 

John Singletary with Univar

Kristin Roskov with BASF

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield

Door Prizes:

2 cans of Zenprox complete from John with Univar- Leo with Reliance, John with Accell

Alpine Piston from Kristin with BASF- Barron with Terminex

Motion to Adjourn:  1st- Tony with Pest Guard    2nd- Daniel with Mares 

Meeting Adjourned: 8PM

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