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December 2015 Minutes

December 2015 Monthly Minutes

Date: 12/16/15

Location: Aberdeen Barn

5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

This months meeting was a holiday social. A chance for everyone to have a few laughs, share a few industry stories and build working relationships. The turn out was great and everyone enjoyed a drink or two as well as light fare. We will look forward to 2016 and more great meetings to come.   

November 2015 Minutes

November 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 11/18/15

Location: Aberdeen Barn 5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455


Meeting called to Order: 6:20 PM

Prayer: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge: Daniel Carr with Mares

Intros: Wayne Kessinger with Reliance

Motion to accept October 2015 Minutes:

1st: Jennifer Herget with protechs 2nd: Alex with Forshaw

Treasurers Report: George Wright with 1st choice (Motion to accept the treasurers report)

1st: Jimmy Murphy with Getem 2nd: Bob Herget with Protechs

VPMA Liason Report: Tom Mares with Mares on VOSH regulations

Speaker: Brain Hensel with Bell Labs.

Brain spoke on the importance of rodent control and management techniques. Several different baits were discussed as well as the differences between the active ingredients. Multiple treatment strategies were discussed as well when and where to apply different products.

Vendors Present:

Marcus with Residex

John with Univar

Alex with Forshaw

Eric with Zoecon

Door Prizes:

Bell Labs- Glueboards, Bob Herget with Protechs

Residex- Naturcide, Daniel Carr with Mares

Univar- Vendetta and Precor, George Wright with 1st Choice

Forshaw- Alpine, Kristy with ABC

50/50- $45, Mark Keske with Weston

Motion to Adjourn: 8:05 PM

1st: Daniel Carr with Mares 2nd: Jennifer Herget with Protechs





October 2015 Minutes

October 28th 2015 TPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Aberdeen Barn

Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting Called to Order: 6:12 P.M.

Prayer By: Buzz Jones with maximum

Pledge By: John Reid with Accell

Introductions By: Wayne kessinger with Reliance

Treasurer's Report: George with 1st Choice. Motion to accept treasurer's report: 1st-Bob with Protechs 2nd-Don with Lenegars

Old Business: TPCA received a letter from the "Hampton Roads Community Foundation" recognizing the donation for the Carlton Dean/ Joey Callahan foundation.

New Business: December 9th set as a tentative date for VPMA Certified WDI inspector workshop.

Upcoming Speakers:

November 18th-Brian Hensel with Bell Labs (Rodent Control) (Aberdeen Barn)

December 16th- Christmas Social (Aberdeen Barn)

January 27th- Molly Steadfast with Virginia Tech (Bed bug research and control)

Grievance Report: None noted

VPMA Liaison Report: Safety committee discussion in regards to lead and asbestos with Doug Wiggins (VOSH) Someone to speak in February in regards to asbestos and lead.

Speaker: Cliff Patterson with the SIA Group

Cliff spoke on ways to mitigate risk in our industry. Common company policies and incidents that either help our hurt our industries exposure. Specifically, safety training in regards to company vehicles. Accident reports and the importance of documentation. As cliff always says, "if you don't document it, then it didn't happen."

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson-Residex    Jason Leonard-Forshaw    John Singletary-Univar   Dick Olenych-Spectrum Printing

Door Prizes:

Univar-MBS (mouse stations)-Jack with Terminex

Residex-Maxforce Impact (Roach Bait)-William with Colonial

Forshaw-Tshirt-Mick with Lenegars

SIA gourp-$10 cash-Bob with protechs

50/50: $70 total-William with colonial ($35 to the winner and $35 to charity)

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 P.M.

Motion to adjourn:  1st-Bud with Mares 2nd-Don with lenegars

August 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes



Location: Aberdeen Barn Virginia Beach, Va.

Meeting called to order @: 6:15 P.M.

Prayer: Agnes Shrum 

Pledge: Jack Horsley

Introductions: Wayne Kessinger

Motion to accept July meeting minutes: 1st- Jimmy Murphy  2nd- Agnes Shrum

Treasurers Report-

George Wright  Motion to accept treasurers report- 1st- Tom mares   2nd- Jimmy Murphy

Old Business-

Angelos Steak House in Newport News was agreed upon both by the board and the members who were present to be used again aas our location for the September Meeting. 

New Business- 

Per Agnes Shrum's suggestion, the board agreed and a check has been made out of the charity account in the amount of $300 to the Dean-Callahan Scholarship fund.

VPMA State Technical Meeting 9/23-9/24 @ Doubletree By Hilton in Richmond.

Jack Horsley presented an idea for a lanyard style badge that he created with the TPCA logo and info. Similar to the WDI inspector badge. Dick Olenych with Spectrum printing is going to look at options to print these for current members.  

Upcoming Speakers-

September 16th, John Singletary with Univar. "Filth Flies in a commercial Setting"

October 28th, Cliff Patterson with SIA group. "Insuarance Issues"

November 18th, Brian Hensel (The new Bell Labs Rep) "Rodent Control"

Grievence Report-

No active grievences were noted at this time Per Tom Mares.

VPMA Liason Report:

The next VPMA meeting will be on september the 22nd in Richmond, Va.

The VPMA will be having a safety committee meeting with Doug Wiggins on October 21 In Roanoke, Va. concerning asbestos (Jack Horsley and Charlie Church plan to be in attendence)


Janelle Koren with Geomoto Tracking Systems


Janelle spoke on some of the new features that are available in the marketplace for tracking devices for your fleet vehicles. Some of the benefits of having these devices, such as insuarance breaks, montitoring idling of your fleet and how that relates to fuel usage and the use of geo fences to recieve alerts as to if your trucks are speeding or outside of a geographical region they should not be.

Vendors Present-

Marcus Johnson-Residex     John Singletary-Univar     Dick Olenych-Spectrum Printing (Home of the happy printer)

Jason Leonard-Forshaw      Alex Baxter-Forshaw        Dave McCormick-Syngenta

Door Prizes-

Ant bait from Residex-Bob Herget with Pro Techs

(MBS) RTUS from Univar-Bob Herget with Pro Techs 

Mug from Syngenta-Chris Puryear with Mares Exterminating

50/50 Prize: 

Dick Olenych With Spectrum Printing, and being the gentleman he is, he dontated it back to the charity account.

Moition to Adjourn:  1st: Wayne Kessinger   2nd: Gary Wallace

Meeting Adjourned @ 8 PM 


July 2015 Meeting Minutes

July 22nd 2015 Meeting Minutes

July 22nd 2105

Aberdeen Barn Virginia Beach, Va. 

Meeting Called to Order @:   6:20 P.M.

Prayer:  Agnes Shrum

Introductions: Wayne Kessinger with Reliance.

Motion to accept minutes from June Meeting:   1st-Bob Herget with Pro-techs  2nd-Wayne Kessinger with Reliance

Treasures Report:  No treasurers report due to an error, will provide july copy at August Meeting. 

Old Business: Discussed whether or not we wanted to return to Angelos Steak and Pancake house for our September peninsula meeting. by a show of hands it was agreed that we would return.

Upcoming Speakers:

August 26th: Janelle Koren with Geomoto GPS tracking Sytems

September 16th: John Singletary with Univar Environmental Sciences discussing rodent Control

Molly Steadfast (Virginia Tech) has been invited to speak but no response has been received.

Grievance Report: No reports 

VPMA Liaison Report: 

VPMA State Technical Meeting- September 23rd-24th, 2015 at the Doubletree by Sheraton in Richmond Va. 

Speaker: Joe Grippi with Bayer Cropscience

Joe spoke on ant management and a variety of chemical and non chemical options to better control our regional ants. the battles of non-repellents vs. repellents and the appropriate timing to adequately treat our ants. Multiple discussions arose over the use of Temprid concerning bees. Temprid has no bee box despite being a neonicatanoid. Several discussions also took place on the use of baiting in the individual IPM programs.

Vendors Present: 

Marcus Johnson: Residex

John Singletary: Univar

Dick: Spectrum Printing (home of the Happy printer)

Pat Ryan: Rockwell Labs (technical representative)

Door Prizes:

Buzz Jones with Maximum: Quantum ant Bait

Bud Menser with Mares: Maxforce Complete

Don Lenegar with Lenegars: Temprid

Doug with Reliance: Pivot

Wayne Kessinger with Reliance: Technician Handbook

50/50: $30 dollars to Bob Herget with Pro techs and $30 to the charity account.

Motion to Adjourn: 1st-William Watlington with Colonial   2nd-Bud Menser with Mares

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:15 P.M. 

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