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August Minutes

Tidewater Pest Control August 2013 Minutes


Meeting called to order @ 6:15 – Tom Mares (President)
Prayer : Buzz Jones
Pledge : Dan Carr
Introductions Jim Murphy
Motion to accept the minutes – Jimmy Murphy made the motion 2nd by Bob Herget

Treasurer Report given by “treasurer” George Wright” motion made to accept report Tom Mares and 2nd by Harry

Old business: Website- everything up and going , we are getting new hits on the website and it is being monitored after last meeting with HRRA in promoting WDI inspectors.

New Business: VPMA State Technical Meeting 2013
September 25 & 26, 2013
Sheraton Park South, Richmond, Virginia

Virginia Peninsula Realtors Association – class set up for September 12th on the peninsula in regards the “train the trainer program” in order to promote WDI certified inspectors ?

HRRA – meeting was a great success Tom ,Don , Bob stayed a hour after the class answering questions ( great success )

Grievance report: No grievances – per Buzz Jones as he explains who the system works and how working together we can communicate together and make our association promote brotherhood

VPMA Liaison report, VPMA – Lock me up. Tom, Jimmy and Don are being locked up for 500.00 bail for VPMA scholarship


Speaker: Jessica Barlow, BASF topic “Filth Flies” great presentation on different types of flies in identification and treatments


Vendors Present: Residex, Forshaw


Door Prizes- Jimmy & Buzz         

50/50- won by Don in which he donated towards the Scholarship fund and setting Bond for Tidewater gang

Motion to adjourn: Buzz made the motion 2nd by Bob Herget

State Technical Meeting

Click here to get more details  State Technical Meeting

July Minutes

Tidewater Pest Control July 2013 Minutes


Meeting called to order @ 6:15 – Tom Mares    
Prayer : Hilary “Buzz” Jones

Pledge : Jack Horsley
Introductions Jack Horsley ( Vice President)
Motion to accept the minutes 1st Bob Herget 2nd Daniel Carr

Treasurer’s Report:   motion Jimmy Murphy 2nd by Hilary “Buzz” Jones
Old business: VPAR presentation
New Business:

  • Christmas party December 7th Neptune’s & Oceanfront inn
  • VPMA upcoming events online

Grievance report: Nothing to report

VPMA Liaison report: Nothing to report

1st Owen Norris with LegalShield. Affordable legal protection for anyone included in a monthly payment. They will give you access to a law firm to answer any questions from speeding tickets to identity theft.

2nd Jack Horsley with Terminex with a presentation on spiders.

1st Characteristics and Control. Some characteristics of spiders are that they have no antenna and only 2 segments for their body, the head and thorax. They have an chelicerae which contain the fangs at the end that will inject the venom into its victim. They also have spinnerets that contain numerous silk spigots that can create different silk webbing for different purposes. Most young spiders look similar to the adults and they molt to grow. Once hatched from the spider egg they do spread by either ballooning or walking.

Methods of Control. For the interior of the home, reduce clutter and vacuum often. It is also recommended to use a Webster for the interior as well as the exterior. For the exterior of the home, reduce the amount of light at night that will attract flying insects. For example using a sodium based flood light instead of a mercury based flood light and have curtains at your window that will reduce the amount of light let out the window at night. Getting rid of the excessive light will reduce the amount of flying insects and therefore reduce the amount of spiders. Also pay attention to the shrubbery around the home as that can be a harborage site for insects that the spiders will feed on. Another thing you need to look at is if the homeowner has a rock garden which will give the spiders numerous places to hide.

2nd Fact v. Fiction. Most spiders will not bite unless they feel threatened. Most spider bites may go unnoticed for up to 2 hours at which time you may have swelling, redness and/or an oozing blister.

Black widow venom will attack your nervous system but unless you have an allergic reaction to it you may not be that affected by it. Brown widow have made their way to this area and while they do stay in more conspicuous places you may still never see one and their bite is less effective than a black widow. Brown recluse spiders are not indigenous to this area and although they may be brought from the Midwest during your travels they do not cause your skin to fall off. The area they bit may look red and swollen but will not cause your skin to fall off unless it gets infected from the individual scratching at it. Most lesions on the skin can be traced back to a staph virus not a brown recluse bite. The granddaddy long leg is not the most poisonous spider whose mouth is too small to bite you. The granddaddy long leg is not even a spider nor does it even produce venom.


Vendors Present: Dick with Spectrum thanks for continued support and please call for any printing needs. Dennis with Residex thank you for continued support and please call if you need anything. Owen from LegalShield thank you for inviting to meeting and would like to come back.

Door Prizes-Residex – Stadium Seat won by Edwards Pest Control

50/50- Won by Dennis who donated it all back to the charity.

Motion to adjourn: Jimmy Murphy 2nd Bob Herget

June Minutes

Tidewater Pest Control June2013 Minutes


Meeting called to order @ 6:15 – Jack Horsley
Prayer : Johnny Newell
Pledge : Jack Horsley
Introductions Jack Horsley ( Vice President)
Motion to accept the minutes 1st Johnny Newell 2nd Bob Herget

Treasurer’s Report:   motion Jack Horsley 2nd by Daniel Carr
Old business: No old business to report
New Business:

  • Christmas party December 7th Neptune’s & Oceanfront inn
  • Mid Atlantic Summer Conference in Myrtle Beach July 25th-27th at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach resort area

Grievance report: Nothing to report

VPMA Liaison report: Nothing to report

1st Susan Stewart with Optima Health. As a member of the TPCA and have between 2 and 99 employees you are eligible to receive Optima Health value-added benefits to your employees and their families. With the amount of changes that are coming up with OBAMACARE please call and they can discuss their plans to make sure you are both compliant and providing the best care for your employees. Their local agent is Sue Johnson with the Virginia Benefits Group and you can contact her at 421-9369 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2nd Kevin Connolly from Bayer. Bayer is introducing a new product Harmonix. This new product is through their “green” line and uses natural pyrethrum to control bed bugs, ticks, fleas and can be broadcast within a home. It can replace Xciter and Kicker and with used with an IGR. Mosquito reduction can be a good selling point especially in the summer with everyone wanting to have any outdoor event. The female mosquito is the one that bites and can live for up to one month where as the males feed on nectar and will live only one week and their purpose is to mate with the female. Source reduction is a key part of control. Removing any type of water where they can lay eggs even if it is a bottle cap flipped upside down that too can become a breeding site. When treating concentrate on vegetation and any areas of the yard where the ground may hold more moisture without getting too much sun. There are 2 types of mosquitos. The Aedes that fly lower to the ground have a strong bite and are the ones that normally pass along heartworms. The most common is the asian tiger mosquito. The other is the Culix. They rest higher in the trees and are the ones commonly associated with the West Nile Virus. In a controlled study where the lower folliage was treated the amount of aedes were reduced by 87% and those homeowners said that they would pay for a recurring service. There are some good online recources on PCT.org regarding backyard spraying, mosquitos.org will give good hints, and cdc.gov will show the tracking of the West Nile Virus.

3rd Axion Screening Solutions. Local company that requires no contracts and no monthly minimums for numerous tests such as Background checks and drug screenings. You can contact them at 746-5994 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vendors Present: Dave from Syngenta since they have bought out Dupont. He is getting used to the change as well but call him with any questions he will be glad to help. Glen with Residex they have found a new spreader that give a more precise application and is more durable than the hand spreaders you buy from Lowes. Alex from Foreshaw thanks for continued support and call if you need anything.

Door Prizes- Bayer - 5 hats won by Jack, Kara, Bob, George, and Daniel.

                                   Harmonix and Suspend both won by Wayne

                       Residex – glass won by Jeff Tomlinson

                      Foreshaw -   Glow stick – Mike

                                                Roach bait – Bob

                                                Mouse traps – Johnny

50/50- one person bought tickets he was given $5.00 back

Motion to adjourn: Glen Laycock 2nd Alex from Foreshaw

May 2013

Meeting Minutes 

Meeting called to order @ 6:30- – Tom Mares President due to traffic
Prayer : Buz Jones
Pledge : Don Lenegar
Introductions Jack Horsley
Motion to accept the minutes – made by Jack and 2nd by Jimmy
Treasurer’s Report: George was on his “honey moon” and will be presented at next month’s meeting

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