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June Minutes

Tidewater Pest Control June2013 Minutes


Meeting called to order @ 6:15 – Jack Horsley
Prayer : Johnny Newell
Pledge : Jack Horsley
Introductions Jack Horsley ( Vice President)
Motion to accept the minutes 1st Johnny Newell 2nd Bob Herget

Treasurer’s Report:   motion Jack Horsley 2nd by Daniel Carr
Old business: No old business to report
New Business:

  • Christmas party December 7th Neptune’s & Oceanfront inn
  • Mid Atlantic Summer Conference in Myrtle Beach July 25th-27th at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach resort area

Grievance report: Nothing to report

VPMA Liaison report: Nothing to report

1st Susan Stewart with Optima Health. As a member of the TPCA and have between 2 and 99 employees you are eligible to receive Optima Health value-added benefits to your employees and their families. With the amount of changes that are coming up with OBAMACARE please call and they can discuss their plans to make sure you are both compliant and providing the best care for your employees. Their local agent is Sue Johnson with the Virginia Benefits Group and you can contact her at 421-9369 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2nd Kevin Connolly from Bayer. Bayer is introducing a new product Harmonix. This new product is through their “green” line and uses natural pyrethrum to control bed bugs, ticks, fleas and can be broadcast within a home. It can replace Xciter and Kicker and with used with an IGR. Mosquito reduction can be a good selling point especially in the summer with everyone wanting to have any outdoor event. The female mosquito is the one that bites and can live for up to one month where as the males feed on nectar and will live only one week and their purpose is to mate with the female. Source reduction is a key part of control. Removing any type of water where they can lay eggs even if it is a bottle cap flipped upside down that too can become a breeding site. When treating concentrate on vegetation and any areas of the yard where the ground may hold more moisture without getting too much sun. There are 2 types of mosquitos. The Aedes that fly lower to the ground have a strong bite and are the ones that normally pass along heartworms. The most common is the asian tiger mosquito. The other is the Culix. They rest higher in the trees and are the ones commonly associated with the West Nile Virus. In a controlled study where the lower folliage was treated the amount of aedes were reduced by 87% and those homeowners said that they would pay for a recurring service. There are some good online recources on PCT.org regarding backyard spraying, mosquitos.org will give good hints, and cdc.gov will show the tracking of the West Nile Virus.

3rd Axion Screening Solutions. Local company that requires no contracts and no monthly minimums for numerous tests such as Background checks and drug screenings. You can contact them at 746-5994 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vendors Present: Dave from Syngenta since they have bought out Dupont. He is getting used to the change as well but call him with any questions he will be glad to help. Glen with Residex they have found a new spreader that give a more precise application and is more durable than the hand spreaders you buy from Lowes. Alex from Foreshaw thanks for continued support and call if you need anything.

Door Prizes- Bayer - 5 hats won by Jack, Kara, Bob, George, and Daniel.

                                   Harmonix and Suspend both won by Wayne

                       Residex – glass won by Jeff Tomlinson

                      Foreshaw -   Glow stick – Mike

                                                Roach bait – Bob

                                                Mouse traps – Johnny

50/50- one person bought tickets he was given $5.00 back

Motion to adjourn: Glen Laycock 2nd Alex from Foreshaw

May 2013

Meeting Minutes 

Meeting called to order @ 6:30- – Tom Mares President due to traffic
Prayer : Buz Jones
Pledge : Don Lenegar
Introductions Jack Horsley
Motion to accept the minutes – made by Jack and 2nd by Jimmy
Treasurer’s Report: George was on his “honey moon” and will be presented at next month’s meeting

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April 2013

Meeting Minutes

6:15 PM Meeting called to order by Tom Mares (President)
Prayer : Buz Jones
Pledge : Don Lenegar
Introductions Jack Horsley ( Vice President)
Motion to accept the minutes  1st Bob Herget 2nd Buzz Jones
Treasurer’s Report:  1st Carlton Dean 2nd Harry Sharpley

Old business:
Tidewater Family Picnic was changed to a conflict of interest with the campground; new date is set for June 15th TPCA Picnic June HOLIDAY TRAV-L PARK 1075 GENERAL BOOTH BLVD, VIRGINIA BEACH  7.00 per guest under 12 no charge RSVP Kara with Mares Exterminating (757) 868-4898.

New Business:
•    Website- we are in the process of re-designing our website with many new features (details coming soon).
•    TPCA will be holding “Train the Trainer” program on September 12th on the peninsula. This is a training course designed with the concept building a link between those involved with real estate transactions.
•    Christmas party December 7th Neptune’s & Oceanfront inn
•    March of Dimes “walk for the babies” is this coming Sunday volunteers need (be on 4th street by 8am) always a good time for a good cause.


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March 2013

Meeting Minutes

6:29 PM Meeting called to order by Tom Mares (President)
Prayer : Harry
Pledge : George
Motion to accept the minutes 1st Jimmy  2nd Harry
George Wright : Treasurers report 1st Jimmy 2nd Jack

Old Business: Jack Horsley sent out a weekly training email regarding crawl space encapsulations and the TPCA stance on them. If any member needs a letter of reference to supply to their homeowners regarding how another company’s encapsulation affects their termite coverage there is one on the TPCA website.  Also some suppliers gave a little pushback regarding our stance which was better explained to them.

New Business: Upcoming training at Residex with Johnny Shelton of Shelton Analytics. He has created a system to help a company go paperless.   Harry is involved with a group called Ramp Across America which will be installing a ramp in Hampton on April 6th. All help or donations are appreciated and an e-mail will go out with more details.


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February 2013

Meeting Minutes

6:10 PM Meeting called to order by Tom Mares (President)
Prayer:  Buzz Jones
Pledge:  Mick Mihalcoe
Introductions:  Jack Horsley
Treasurer report:  George Wright, motion was made to approve 1st Bob Herget 2nd Tom Weber
Minutes from last month’s meeting on line, motion to approve 1st Jimmy Murphy 2nd Bob Herget

Old business:
•  Tidewater’s website is getting revamped to benefit its members and the consumers in our area with new resources. It will also have a member “log in”, drive homeowners and realtors to the active members, and have a separate tab for the Weekly training as well as something similar to a “Craig’s list page” for different companies looking to sell equipment they no longer need or if you have someone in mind that is looking for a job, but your company is not hiring anyone new yet.
•  Picnic on June 8th is at a different location

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