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October 2012

Meeting Minutes

TPCA meeting Benzi Restaurante Italiano
Jimmy called mtg to order 6:15
Moment of silence for Jeff Johnson and Carlton Dean Jr.
Daniel Carr led Prayer
Don Lenegar led Pledge
Tom led the Introductions
Motion to accept secretary's minutes on the TPCA Website:  1st Don Lenegar  and 2nd: Jimmy Murphy
Treasurer's Report given by George Wright: Motion to accept- 1st: Tom Mares and 2nd: Jack Horsley

Old Business:
New Biz: State Technical Oct 3 and 4 Sheraton pk richmond
Raffle $3000 prize $100 /tkt For Scholarship fund
cut off date Monday

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September 2012

Meeting Minutes

6:11 Meeting called to order
Buzz Led the Prayer
Lamar Led the Pledge
Tom Led Introductions
Motion to accept secretary's report 1st: Jack Horsley 2nd: Don Lenegar

George Treasurer's report
Outstanding Bill: $500 VPMA Scholarship Fund
$100 Carlton Dean Scholarship Fund any Towne Bank
Competitive Swimmer

Motion to accept the minutes as they were presented 1st:Buzz  2nd:Wayne Kessinger 

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August 2012

Meeting Minutes

Meeting at the Aberdeen Barn
called mtg to order: Jimmy Murphy 6:14 pm

Prayer: Buzz Jones
pledge: Daniel Carr
intro: led by Tom Mares

minutes Don and Buzz
treasurers George Wright: Daniel Chary

New Business: Board met 2 wks ago- lots of $ in our account (we're nonprofit) we'll spend our $ on commercials to promote TPCA to direct people to our website Wayne's contact will come to our next BOD to talk about ads Feb/March we will run the ads (before swarmer season)

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June 2012

Meeting Minutes

TPCA Meeting 6/27/12
Meeting Facilitator
6:16 call mtg to order, Jimmy Murphy
Prayer: Buzz Jones
Pledge of Allegiance Al Neely
Introductions: Tom Mares

Motion to accept Secretary's minutes: 1st, Don Lenegar and 2nd, Tom Mares
Treasurer's report: George Motion to accept 1st, Jack Horsley and 2nd, Tom Mares

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February 2012

President's Message by Jim Murphy

February is a great time to perform preventative maintenance on your equipment. Are you ready for the upcoming season? Some PCO’s have already reported swarmer’s. Make sure you’re changing oil on your rigs; lubing where necessary. Replace worn fittings and hoses. Not only does regular maintenance improve the life of your equipment; you can throw a few much needed hours to an employee during your slow time verses equipment down during busy season. Now is the time to order any new equipment and test it out. Don’t wait until the season starts to find out your supplier is back-ordered on something you need. It’s also a good time to make sure your vehicles are serviced and inventoried. Make sure your vehicles are equipped with first aid kits. Make sure your drivers know what to do if they get in an accident or have a chemical spill. If they have a smart phone or camera, make sure they take pictures. These are things that cost very little but can save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

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