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August 23rd 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 23rd 2017 monthly meeting minutes

Aberdeen Barn 

5805 Norrthampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting called to order: 6:15PM

Prayer By: Daniel with Mares 

Pledge By: Demitrus with Reliance

Introductions By: Jacob with Reliance

Motion to accept July minutes:   1st- Don with Lenegars  2nd- Jimmy with Getem

Motion to accept july treasurers report: 1st-Daniel with Mares   2nd- Don with Lenegars

Old Buisness: A big thank you to Kristen Roskov with BASF for putting together the picnic night at the tides game. It was a great event and well attended and everyone had a good time with collegues and family. 

New Buisness: The September meeting in Newport News will be one week earlier (the 20th) as to not conflict with the state technical meeting. Also, the October meeting will be one week earlier (the 18th) as to not conflict with the national association meeting (pestworld).

Speaker: Benjamin Pope (CPA) spoke on different tax difficulties and benefits to owning a pest control company. Also some of the more intricate tax breakdowns between LLC's and S Corps. 

Upcoming Speakers:

September 20th- Marcus Johnson with residex on fleas and ticks

October 18th- Brian hensel with bell labs on rodents

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Residex

John Singletary with Univar

Devin McGuire with Forshaw

Door Prizes:

John with Accell- Gentrol Aerosol from Residex

Dan with Terminix- Rodent Caulk from Univar

William with Colonial- Crossfire Complete from Forshaw

50/50: $25 to Jimmy from Getem ($25 to the charity account)

Motion to adjourn:  1st-Don with Lenegars  2nd- John with Univar

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 PM  


July 2017 Minutes

July 26th 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Aberdeen Barn

5805 Northampton Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

6:15pm Meeting to order

Prayer by Buzz Jones

No pledge or intros due to low attendance.

9 total members at the meeting including Pres and VP.

Marcus Johnson did not speak due to low attendance. Instead he offered to speak at a future meeting.

Members discussed low attendance and John Reid offered to have his office staff make reminder calls for the meeting.

Door prizes were offered by Univar and Residex. Sari Wise and Jimmy Murphy won the prizes.

50/50 was drawn and Wayne Kessinger won. 

Following that the meeting was closed

June 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 28th 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Schooner's Grill

12567 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA 23606

Meeting called to order: 6:13PM

Prayer: George with 1st Choice 

Pledge: Daniel with Mares

Introductions: Dave with Dodson

Approval of past months minutes: Approved by majority vote. 

Approval of treasurers report: Approved by Majority vote.

Old Buisness:

Jimmy Murphy with Getem pest control lost his sister. The TPCA donated $300 to the Smoyer family. A PCO was killed in a crawl space due to electricution. A discussion was had by the majority and a donation will be made to his family. 93 people attended the TPCA picnic day at Ocean Breeze water park.


Robbie Wagner with Beskin Divers Insuarance spoke on the different insuarance needs that face PCO from workans comp, to unemployment, vehicle liability and the importance of having your policies in place reviewed on a regular basis. Thanks Robbie.

Vendors Pesent:

Devon Mcguire with Forshaw

Marcus Johnson with Residex

Kristen Roskov with BASF

Paul Connelly with Primerica Financial Services

Door Prizes:

Sari with Getem-New chemical fendona from BASF

Johnny with commonwealth-Crossfire from Residex

William with Colonial-$35 giftcard for Passions the restaurant 

50/50: Daniel with Mares $20

Motion to adjourn: 1st-Jack with terminex   2nd: William with Colonial 

Meeting adjourned: 7:42PM


May 24th 2017 Minutes

May 24th 2017 Meeting Minutes

Aberdeen Barn 

5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting called to order: 6:13 PM

Prayer by: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge by: Don with Lenegars

Introduction: Tony Wallace with Pestguard 

Motion to accept the April minutes:   1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Tom with Mares 

Motion to accept Treasurers Report: 1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- John with Univar

Old Buisness:

Bob is speaking with Jo Mcnamara with VPAR to ensure the realtor course is set up and ready to roll out.

The TPCA picnic will happen 6/24/17 at Ocean Breeze water park.

Upcoming Speakers: Robbie Wagner with Beskin Divers Insuarance

Speaker: Lynn Williams with Nisus 

Lynn gave a very informative talk on common flies in commercial kitchen settings. He spoke on several different control methods, sanitation issues that can hinder a successful treatment strategy and the different products that are available for fly control.

Vendors Present:

Lynn Williams with Nisus

Jason Leonard with Forshaw

Devin Mcguire with Forshaw

John Singletary with Univar

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield 

Lori Walker with Atlantic Office Machines

Door Prizes:

FBS from john with Univar- Jimmy Murphy with Getem

Crossfire from Jason with Forshaw- Geroge Wright with First Choice 

$35 passions the restaurant gift card from the TPCA- Bob Herget with Protechs

50/50: $22.50 John with Univar (he donated back to the charity account)

Motion to Adjourn: 1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Buzz with Maximum

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

April 25th 2017 Meeting Minutes

Aberdeen Barn

5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting called to order: 6:16 PM

Prayer By: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge By: Tony Wallace with Pestguard

Introductions By: Jimmy Murphy with Getem

Motion to accept March Minutes:  1st: Don Lenegar with Lengar's   2nd: Jennifer Herget with Protechs

Motion to accept Treasurers Report: 1st: George Wright with 1st Choice  2nd: John Reed with Accel 

New Buisness: TPCA picnic June 24th 11:00-5:00 at Ocean Breeze Water Park in Virginia Beach. Flyer will be emailed out.

Upcoming Speakers: Lynn Williams with Nisus

Speaker: John Singletary with Univar

John spoke on mosquito control measures both in residential and commercial settings. Different control measures to include habitat modification, treating water sources, adulticides and different types of IGR's. 

Vendors Present:

John Singletary with Univar

Marcus Johnson with Residex

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield

Kristin Roskov with BASF

Dave McCormick with Syngenta

Robbie Wagner with Beskin Divers

Door Prizes:

BASF- wood grain mug- John with Accell

Residex- Maxforce complete- Buzz with Maximum

50/50: Dave McCormick won $40 which he donated back to the charity account.

Motion to Adjourn: 1st: Don with Lenegar's  2nd: Bob with Protechs

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

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