Tidewater Pest Control Association


Code Of Ethics

The Membership shall observe the following Code of Ethics

Relation of Member to Public

The Member in his advertisements or other solicitations of business shall not use tricky, fraudulant or misleading methods.

Relation of Member to Client

The Member shall thoroughly analyze the requirements of his clients and shall conscientiously recommend the best suited for the clients needs.

Professional Services

The Member upon accepting a contract or service agreement shall render skilled, intelligent, and conscientious.

Relation of Member to Competitor

The Member shall not publicly critize the business or private affairs of a competitor.

Relations of Members to Association

The Member shall be loyal to the principles of his/her Association and active in it's advancement.



VPMA Mission:

The mission of the Virginia Pest Management Association is to safely protect the health and property of the Commonwealth's general public by promoting ethical and environmentally responsible business and pest management practices among our members through education, coalition and professionalism.
Established in 1948, the Virginia Pest Management Association has been serving the information and business needs of Virginia's pest management professionals for nearly 60 years. The pest management services provided by our members in Virginia help to protect the health and property of every citizen of the Commonwealth by insuring that homes, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, and other public spaces are pest free. VPMA strives to achieve our mission working jointly with regional pest control associations and the National Pest Management Association.

As a member of this Association, we believe it to be our company's responsibility:

  • To uphold the standards of this Association.
  • To hold our industry in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
  • To maintain high company standards of moral responsibility, character, and business integrity.
  • To practice frankness and honesty in all advertising and in all tranactions with the general public.
  • To keep the needs of our clients always uppermost.
  • To know the accurate cost of all services performed and responsibilies assumed in the prevention elimination or management of pest and demonstrate a determination to recoup those cost and to profit effort.
  • To render pest control services safely and efficiently in keeping with good practices, and to observe the both letter and spirit.
  • To perfect our skills and business practices.
  • To cooperate with others in the interchange of knowledge and 

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