Stinging Insects

European Hornet

Appearance Golden brown with yellow abdominal stripes; 1- to 1-1/2 inches. Habitat European hornets are social wasps which form colonies that live for one year. European hornets like to build their paper nests in hollow trees, barns and out buildings. However, they will also nest inside the walls, attic or chimney of buildings. Nests may

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Paper Wasp

Appearance Brownish with yellow markings; most species are about 1 inch. Habitat Paper wasps are easily identified by their nest; a round, upside-down paper cone that hangs from a horizontal surface in a protected location. Most paper wasp nests are located in exposed areas beneath soffits, in the corners of windows, under awnings, under porches

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Appearance Small wasps with black and yellow stripes; 1/2- to 1 inch. Two sets of wings and a narrow waist. Habitat Yellow jackets live in trees, in houses or on the ground. This wasp also builds its nest inside the walls of buildings after entering through cracks in the outside walls. They live in colonies

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