Drugstore Beetle


Reddish to dark brown, oval in shape; 1/10- to 1/8-inch; its head is not visible from above.


The drugstore beetle’s Latin name of paniceum was derived from its habit of feeding on bread. Its common name was given because it can be found infesting drugs and similar products. This beetle will literally feed on any dried, food-based material, especially dried pet foods, cereal products and spices. It may also damage books by feeding on the bindings. The drugstore beetle is more commonly found in regions with warmer climates or in heated structures in temperate climates.


Any food-based material such as dried pet foods, breads, cereal products, spices and drugs. The drugstore beetle has been observed damaging books by feeding on the bindings. It can be found worldwide, but is more common in warmer climates or in heated buildings in colder climates. Adults actively crawl and fly.


Discard all infested packages. Clean spilled grain and infested cabinet areas using a vacuum followed by soapy water. Store all dried food goods in a glass or plastic container with a tight lid to limit spreading if one food becomes infested. Consider storing cereals and similar foods in the refrigerator to limit stored pantry pest problems.