Fruit Fly


Tan brown with red eyes; 1/8-inch.


Fruit flies are attracted primarily to fresh fruits and vegetables, although any freshly decaying, moist organic matter will do. Once indoors, fruit flies can find and exploit other potential breeding sites such as poorly maintained trash containers, recycling bins, mop heads, garbage disposals, etc. They may also be found breeding in dumpsters outside and flying into the building through doorways. Because of their small size, many species are able to penetrate ordinary screens.


Ripened fruit or vegetables, or any other fermenting products.


The key to controlling fruit flies is finding the breeding sites and removing them by cleaning thoroughly. Some breeding sites will be obvious, like ripened fruit, while others, such a food kicked under a cabinet, may be easily overlooked. The inspection needs to focus on finding all sites where moist organic matter has accumulated and then removing that matter completely. Often in homes, fruit flies are carried in on bananas and when the bananas are removed, the presence of flies disappears within a few days. It is also advisable to empty all trash receptacles daily, until control is achieved.