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October 17th 2018 Minutes

October 17th 2018 TPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Pirates Cove 109 Gainsborough Square, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Meeting called to order: 6:24 PM

Prayer By: Buzz with Maximum 

Pledge By: Jimmy with Getem

Intoductions: John with Accell

Motion to accept September minutes:  1st: Jimmy with Getem  2nd: Joey with Commonwealth

Motion to accept treasurers report:  1st: Daniel with Mares  2nd: John with Accell 

New Business: TPCA ballots will be mailed out by weeks end. VPMA Master Tech course on Rodents upcoming.

Speaker: Nick and Gina Lupini with Loyal Termite and Pest spoke on behalf of the VPMA LEAP program. Gina gave a run down on the course and its contents, gave the biography for the speaker. 

Vendors Present:

Marcus with Target 

Elizabeth with Leagal Shield

Robbie with Beskin Divers

Steven Kirkpatrick with Edward Jones

Door Prizes: Steven with Edward Jones won a can of Spector PS from Marcus with Target 

50/50: Will with Getem

Motion to adjourn: 1st: Buzz with Maximum  2nd: Will with Getem

Meeting Adjourned: 7:38 PM

September 2018 Monthly meeting minutes

September 19th 2018 Monthly Meeting

Schooners Grill, Newport News, Va. 23606


Meeting called to Order: 6:23 PM

Prayer By: Marcu Johnson with Target 

Pledge By: Joey with Commonwealth

Introductions: Jennifer with Protechs

Motiont to accept August Minutes:  1st: John with Accell   2nd: Leo with Reliance

Motion to accept treasurers report: Don with Lenegars   2nd: Leo with Reliance

Speaker: Don with lenegars spoke on his water drainage system and the patent he has on the coorealting products, Also he spoke on his potential franchising oppotunities for this system and how it works.

Upcoming Speaker: Gena Lupini  from Loyal termite and pest on behalf of the VPMA

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Target 

Kristin Roskov with BASF

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legalshield 

Door Prizes:

Jack with Terminex and John with accell won a can of stryker aerosol from Marcus with Target 

Leo from reliance won a can of Alpine from Kristen with BASF

Joey with commonwealth won a travel cooler from Kristen with BASF

50/50: $25 won by george with First choice 

Motion to adjourn: 1st: Richard from commonwealth  2nd: Don with Lenegars

Meeting Adjourned: 7:30 PM


August 2018 Minutes

TPCA monthly meeting August 22nd 2018

Pirates Cove Restaurant Chesapeake, Va.


Meeting called to order: 6:20PM

Prayer by: Buzz with Maximum

Pledge by: Walter with O’sheas

Introductions: Daniel with Mares

Motion to accept July 2018 minutes:  1st: Jennifer with Pro Techs   2nd: Walter with O’Sheas

Motion to accept July 2018 Treasurers report:  1st: Daniel with Mares  2nd: Don with Lenegars

New Business:

Nominations for the 2019 TPCA board to be mailed out soon. Please cast your vote and return ballots via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Old business:

State technical meeting to take place September 25th-26th

Master tech on rodents is approaching and VPMA is still seeking suggestions for areas to view rodent rich areas from 8-10 pm for the training.

Upcoming Speakers: Don with lenegars will speak on their innovative surface water management system. This meeting will take place on the peninsula at Schooners in Newport News on September 19th to avoid conflict with the State Technical Meeting.

Speaker: Jeremy Domozick with the Domozick Law Firm PLLC

Jeremy gave a great talk on contractual issues he finds for his customers both in the industry and in other industries. The talk led to several questions specific to pest control and termite contracts that Jeremy was a big help on answering. Thanks Jeremy.

Vendors Present:

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield


Walter with O’Sheas wont $20 (The other $20 to the charity account)

Motion to Adjourn:  1st: Don with Lenegars   2nd: Bob with Pro Techs

Meeting Adjourned: 7:34 PM

July 2018 Minutes

July 25th 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

 Pirates Cove 109 Gainsborough Square, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Meeting Called to Order: 6:23 PM

Prayer By: Johnny with commonwealth

Pledge By: Tony With Pestguard 

Introductions: Jimmy with Getem 

Motion to accept June Minutes:  1st-Daniel with Mares  2nd-Sari with Getem 

Motion to accept treasurers report: 1st-George with first choice 2nd-Jimmy with Getem 

Old Business:

The tides game had a great turn out and the event was a lot of fun.

New Business:

VPMA state tech meeting September 25th-26th

Master tech on rodents is still scouting locations to do on site rat watch.

Dispute resolution reviewed one problem that was not a member company.


Eric Weinstein with Aprilaire spoke on the dehumidifier models they offer, pros and cons of other units on the market and efficacy of each ones.

Vendors Present:

Jason with Forshaw 

Elizabeth with Legal Shield 

Door Prizes:

Jason with Forshaw sent out a gift to Joey with Commonwealth


Daniel with Mares  ($27)

Motion to Adjourn: 1st-Joey with Commonwealth  2nd-Sari with Getem 

Meeting Adjourned: 7;37 PM

June 2018 Minutes

Tidewater Pest Control June 27th 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Schooners Grill, Newport News, Va. 


Meeting called to order: 6:11 PM

Prayer by: Marcus with Target 

PLedge By: Shannon Harlow with National 

Introductions: Leo with Reliance

Motion to accept May 2018 Minutes:  1st: Don with Lengars  2nd: Leo with Reliance

Motion to accept May 2018 Treasurers Report:  1st: Don with Lenegars  2nd: Leo with reliance

New buisness:

VPMA is looking for a location currently to host a Master technician series on rodents to take place between 8-10PM at night to look for rodent activity over the span of multiple blocks.

VPMA is seeking stewardship award nominees

Upcoming speaker: A representative from Aprilaire will be in to speak on dehumidifiers and products


A representative from Ramjack was supposed to be our speaker howeber a last minute schedule conflict prevented him from appearing. In true TPCA fashion however, the night went on. Daniel with Mares led a discussion on multiple topics ranging from problem accounts to the litigeous dangers of damage warranty termite contracts. The evening turned more into a round table styles discussion.

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Target 

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal shield 

Scott Tolbert with Ensystex

Door Prizes:

John with Accell won a mug from Marcus with Target 


John with accell won $17.50 ($17.50 to the charity account)

Motion to adjourn:  1st: Marcus with Target   2nd: Leo with Reliance

Meeting Adjourned: 7:36 PM

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