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January 25th 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 25th, 2017 monthly meeting minutes

Aberdeen Barn 

5805 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting called to order: 6:10 PM

Prayer By: Daniel with Mares 

Pledge By: Johnny Newall with Commonwealth

Introductions By: Tony Wallace with Pestguard

Motion to accept minutes as posted online:  1st- Bob with Pro-techs  2nd- Don with Lenegars

Motion to accept Treasurers report as emailed: 1st- Don with Lenegars  2nd- Jimmy with Getem 

Old buisness: Renee walkers charity termite treatment has been scheduled for February 10th at 9:00 AM. If the property is still to damp to apply liquid termiticide than above ground stations will be installed on that day.

Upcoming Speakers/Events:

Lynn Williams was scheduled to speak in February however he had a last minute scheduling conflict. A new speaker is being contacted and we will email the members as soon as we have confirmation.

Speaker: This month a round table style discussion happened where the board memebrs rotated between 4 different tables to obtain memeber information on what they would like to see from the tpca in regards to education, programs, meetings, charity events etc. The results from this round table discussion will be reviewed at the February board meeting and more information/results will be discussed at the February meeting.

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Residex

John Singletary with Univar

Robbie Wagner with Beskin Divers

Elizabeth hopkins with Legal Shield

Kristen Roskov with BASF

Door Prizes:

Lunchbox and coasters from BASF- Bob with Pro-techs 

Cash for dinner from John Singletary with Univar- Jimmy with Getem

Stylus Streamlight from Marcus with Residex- Tom with Mares

$35 passions the restaurant gift card from the TPCA- Mark with Weston

50/50: $50 dollars to bob with Pro-techs ($50 to the charity account)

Motion to adjourn: 1st- Don with Lenegars  2nd- Jimmy with Getem

Meeting Adjourned: 8:05 PM

December 7th 2016 Christmas Social

December 7th 2016 Chrismast Social

Passion the Restaurant

 1036 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake VA 23320


This was a great opportunity for all the member companies to get together, relax, share stories and have a good meal together. The turn out was great and everyone enjoyed there time and the food and the venue were great. A special thank you goes out to all the distributors that came out and brought great door prizes.  

Thanks to:

John Singletary with Univar

Marcus Johnson with Residex

Dick Olyench with Spectrum Printing

Robbie Wagner with Beskin-Divers

Alex Baxter with Forshaw

Billy Watts with Target Specialt Products 

Joe Grippi with Bayer 

Also thanks to William Watlington from Colonial for supplying a door prize as well.

Our suppliers always support our monthly meetings, socials and any other events we have throughout the year. We encourage you to thank them all for their support and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017!


November 16th 2016 Minutes

November 16th 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Aberdeen Barn

5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting called to order- 6:23 PM

Prayer By- Buzz Jones with Maximum 

Pledge By- Wayne Kessinger with Reliance

New Buisness- 

1) The Christmas social was set for December 7th at Passions Restaurant in Chesapeake Va. The TPCA board voted to pay for at least two people from each memeber company up to 60 people total. 

2) Nomination forms were passed out and emailed out for the 2017 nominations.

Motion to accept October minutes as posted online- 1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Jimmy Murphy with Getem

Motion to accept October Treasurers report as emaled to memebers- 1st- Don with Lenegars   2nd- Daniel with Mares 

Speaker- Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield 

Elizabeth spoke on the differences between ID theft and regular fraud. She also discussed multiple different packages and services that Legal Shield has to offer, both for buisness's as well as their individual employees. 

Vendors Present:

1) Dick Olyench with Spectrum Printing

2) Robbie Wagner with Beskin-Divers 

3) Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield

Door Prizes- 

A dinner payour for next meeting from Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield- Buzz Jones with Maximum

50/50- 37.50 went to Tony Wallace with Pestguard (37.50 to the cahrity account as well)

Motion to Adjourn-  1st- Bob with Pro-techs   2nd- Jimmy Murphy with Getem 

Meeting adjourned- 8:05 PM

October 26th 2016 Minutes

October 26th 2016 Minutes

Aberdeen Barn 5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting called to order: 6:20 PM

Prayer By: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge By: William Watlington with Colonial 

Introductions By: George with First Choice 

Motion to accept September Minutes: 1st- John with Accell  2nd-William with Colonial 

Motion to accept Treasurers report: 1st-Buzz with Maximum 2nd-John with Accell 

Upcoming speaker: Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield (Meeting on the 16th to avoid conflict with holiday. Meeting to take place at aberdeen barn)

Speaker: Marcus Johnson with Residex spoke on wildlife control as it relates to our buisness as well as some of the animals we all get questions on. Marcus opened up the floor to discuss any animals we receive questions on from our customers. Moles and voles were discussed as well as bat control and removal. 

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with residex

John Singletary with Univar

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield 

Door Prizes:

A bottle of Precor from Marcus with residex- Daniel with Mares

Fly bait and MBS bait stations from John with Univar- Buzz with Maximum

50/50: $25 to Wayne Kessinger with Reliance ($25 to the Charity account)

Motion to adjourn: 1st-Mick with Lenegars 2nd-william with Colonial 

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

September 28th Minutes

September 28th 2016 Minutes

Schooner's Grill 12567 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Va. 23606

Meeting called to order: 6:18 pm

Prayer By: William with Colonial 

Pledge By: Jack with Terminex

Introductions By: George With First Choice

Motion to accept August minutes: 1st- Jimmy with Getem  2nd- Alex with Forshaw

Motion to accept Treasurers Report: 1st- Bud with Mares 2nd- George with First Choice

(Tresurers report now to be emailed out prior to meeting for review.)

New Buisness:

1) New master Tech course to take place October 31st on blood feeders

2) WDI workshops to take place in Roanoke and in tidewater

Upcoming Speakers:  Marcus Johnson with residex to speak in October on nuisance wildlife control


Drew Faithful with Proximo Marketing spoke on digital marketing. Highlighting some of the pitfalls companies often make in either doing this adevrtising themselves or not doing it at all. Drew was kind enough to come out and speak after his partner had to back out last minute due to unforseen circumstances. Thanks Drew.

Vendors Present:

Marcus Jonson with Residex

Alex Baxter with forshaw

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield

John Singletary with Univar

Door Prizes:

1) 2 travel mugs from Univar. John reed with Accel termite and Ben with Tidewater pest 

2) Can of Precor from residex. George with First Choice 

3) Glueboard holster from Residex. The gentleman from Pestguard

50/50: Don Lenegar with Lenegars 

Motion to Adjourn:  1st- Don with Lenegars  2nd: Jimmy with Getem

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