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March 2016 Meeting Minutes

March 23 2016 Meeting Minutes

Angelos Steak and Pancake House

755 J Clyde Morris Blvd. Newport News, Va. 23602


Meeting Called to Order: 6:10 PM

Prayer By: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Introductions By: Dave Turner with Dodson

Motion to Accept the Minutes for February 2016:  1st: Jimmy Murphy with Getem 2nd: George Wright with First Choice

Motion to accept the Treasurers Report:  1st: Daniel Carr with Mares  2nd: Johnny Newall with Commonwealth

Old buisness:

The association is working on obtaining certificates for "asbestos awareness" traning from last months meeting.

NPMA has offered a sample "confined space" program that is OSHA compliant.

New Buisness:

Venue change for april meeting. We will be meeting at Unos in the janiff shopping center located at 5900 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. Norfolk, Va. 23502  Email reminders will be sent prior to meeting.

Upcoming speakers:

April meeting will be Dave Mccormick and a representative from 811 (Miss utility)

No Grievences to report

VPMA Liason Report:

a "pollinator protection" listening seminar was attended. Most of the industry and compliance concerns seem to be with the aggriculture applications.

The state technical meetin has been set for September 21/22 2016. (Date change from last year) See VPMA's website for more details.

Speaker: Anton Goodwyn with VDACS

Anton spoke in regards to any label or compliance changes. Reminders on how pesticide business inspections work as well in the field inspections. Information of the proper protocol for compliance, fines and working with regulators in general. Always good to have VDACS at the meeting, Anton is always punctual with his presentations, amicable in his responses and informative without instilling worry. Thanks as always for your time.

Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Residex

Jason Leonard with Forshaw

Dick Olenych with Spectrum Printing (The Happy Printer)

Door Prizes:

Maxforce Roach Bait: Harry Sharpley with Conlonial


Dave Turner with Dodson, $35 (and $35 to the charity account)

Motion to Adjourn:  1st: Daniel Carr with Mares  2nd: Jimmy Murphy with Getem

Meeting Adjourned: 8PM 

February 2016 Minutes

February 24th 2016 Minutes

Aberdeen Barn 5805 Northampton Blvd.

Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting Called to Order: 6:17 PM

Prayer By: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge By: Geroge Wright First choice

Introductions By: George Wright First Choice

Motion to accept the minutes online:   1st: Charlie Church Getem  2nd: Don Lenegar with Lenegar's

Motion to accept treasurers Report:   1st: Jimmy Murphy Getem  2nd: John Singletary Univar

No grievances to report

Speaker: Chris Nixon with Hurt and Proffitt Civil Engineering, Surveying and Environmental

Chris spoke extensively on the liabilities involved in dealing with Asbestos (mainly in crawl spaces) The due dilligence involved as the employer to protect and inform your employees and to protect and inform the homeowners. Chris was more than happy to share his presentation and any other information at the request of any members.


Vendors Present:

Marcus Johnson with Residex

Alex Baxter with Forshaw

John singletary with Univar

Richard Divers with Beskin and Associates

Elizabeth hopkins with Legal Shield

Door Prizes:

Bruce Powers with Mares-Contrac city pack from univar

John reed with Accel-MBS from univar

Jimmy Murphy with getem-MBS from univar

Don Lenegar-MBS from univar

50/50: Vinny Keske with Weston $58 ($58 to the charity account)

Motion To adjourn:  1st: Daniel Carr with Mares     2nd: Jimmy Murphy with getem

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 PM 

January 2016 Minutes

January 24th 2016 Meeting

Location: Aberdeen Barn

5805 Northampton Blvd.

Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Meeting Called to Order: 6:10 P.M.

Prayer: Buzz Jones With Maximum

Pledge: Wayne Kessinger with Reliance

Introductions: Jack Horsley with Terminex

Motion to Accept last Months Minutes:   1st: Jimmy Murphy with Getem 2nd: John Singletary with Univar

Treasurers Report: George Wright with 1st Choice

New Buisness:

Charlie Church with Getem announced results of elections. New board of directors announced. See updated information on website.

WDI december course

Bank of America Merchant services to potentiall yspeak at upcoming meeting.

February speaker- Chris Nixon with Hurt and Profit  civil engineering to dicusss asbestos.

Speaker: Molly Steadfast with Virginia Tech bedbug and urban pest information center.

Molly gave a great presentation on some of the challenges and methods of maintaing a bedbug population for research. She spoke on multiple methods of how they are fed, how they are controled inside of test environments and methods used for testing products on the population. Always a great presentation from Virginia Tech.

Vendors Present:

John Singletary with Univar

Dan Stallings with Maverick Detection

Elizabeth Hopkins with Legal Shield

50/50: $59 was won by wayne kessinger with Reliance and $59 went into the Charity account.

Motion to adjourn meeting: 1st: John Singletary with Univar  2nd: Daniel Carr with Mares

Meeting Adjourned at: 7:35

December 2015 Minutes

December 2015 Monthly Minutes

Date: 12/16/15

Location: Aberdeen Barn

5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

This months meeting was a holiday social. A chance for everyone to have a few laughs, share a few industry stories and build working relationships. The turn out was great and everyone enjoyed a drink or two as well as light fare. We will look forward to 2016 and more great meetings to come.   

November 2015 Minutes

November 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 11/18/15

Location: Aberdeen Barn 5805 Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455


Meeting called to Order: 6:20 PM

Prayer: Buzz Jones with Maximum

Pledge: Daniel Carr with Mares

Intros: Wayne Kessinger with Reliance

Motion to accept October 2015 Minutes:

1st: Jennifer Herget with protechs 2nd: Alex with Forshaw

Treasurers Report: George Wright with 1st choice (Motion to accept the treasurers report)

1st: Jimmy Murphy with Getem 2nd: Bob Herget with Protechs

VPMA Liason Report: Tom Mares with Mares on VOSH regulations

Speaker: Brain Hensel with Bell Labs.

Brain spoke on the importance of rodent control and management techniques. Several different baits were discussed as well as the differences between the active ingredients. Multiple treatment strategies were discussed as well when and where to apply different products.

Vendors Present:

Marcus with Residex

John with Univar

Alex with Forshaw

Eric with Zoecon

Door Prizes:

Bell Labs- Glueboards, Bob Herget with Protechs

Residex- Naturcide, Daniel Carr with Mares

Univar- Vendetta and Precor, George Wright with 1st Choice

Forshaw- Alpine, Kristy with ABC

50/50- $45, Mark Keske with Weston

Motion to Adjourn: 8:05 PM

1st: Daniel Carr with Mares 2nd: Jennifer Herget with Protechs





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